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What Google Inc. has to teach about Management

Larry Page and Sergey Brin took a look at management theory and were not impressed: Too much hearsay, too little data. There’s got to be a better way to manage companies. So google made their own rules.

Now, with 548 Billion$ market capitalization, 18 years since its founding, most people still think of Google as bold, entrepreneurial, unconventional and smart. It seems that there is something to learn from Google about management.

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The Doom Loop of Strategic Inaptitude

The bullet is coming. It is coming straight at your company. Everyone can see it. Meetings are set-up  and action plans are conceived to prevent the bullet from hitting. There are endless presentations about the bullets velocity, force and trajectory.  Till the last minute everyone stands and stares at the approaching bullet. People are even bored by talking about the bullet. Then it hits.

Is your company seeing the bullet and is still not acting, just talking? Digital technology will disrupt your business, too, eventually. Lets explore some real case studies and explore this phenomenon.

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Sources of Strategic Inaptitude

Most companies do not have a strategy. There is consensus in management literature  about this fact. Why do most executives fail their companies in the realm of strategy?

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Let’s see what leading economists, managers and social scientists found out and what to do about it: Does a company really need a strategy?