How to manage companies in the age of digital technology?

Management and the Art of Business Transformation have been around for a long time. The Digital Revolution has accelerated change and the size of challenges companies are facing. Companies are struggling to cope with these challenges.

And no wonder. While technology has evolved, old hierarchical management styles have not.  Most companies still continue to manage in the same manner as they always did, basically – which is basically the same for most companies since the Industrial Revolution.

Countering that threat of digital disruption with the crude hierarchical management tools of the 20th Century will not work. Digital disruptors are managing their companies according to new management principles. Those companies that ignore those principles for too long are in danger of extinction.

Companies need to get smart and update their way of managing and organizing.

In a culture of repeated, ever accelerating cycles of hypotheses and falsification, Management Practices need to evolve to the pace and creativity of the Digital Age.

This Blog aims to describe the Art of  Management in the Digital Age by mashing up best practices and theories from Business, IT and Social Sciences.  Hopefully, I  will be able to come up with something unique and understandable which will provide useful insights to you. I will list all sources and explain the theories used in separate pages, but I will refrain from academic citation and accuracy, for sake of readability.

If you are interested, join me in the journey and share your views and question!

Frank Thun, October 2015

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