How to manage companies in the age of digital technology?

Management and the Art of Business Transformation have been around for a long time. The Digital Revolution has accelerated change and the size of challenges companies are facing. Companies are struggling to cope with these challenges.

And no wonder. While technology has evolved, old hierarchical management styles have not.  Most companies still continue to manage in the same manner as they always did, basically – which is basically the same for most companies since the Industrial Revolution.

Countering that threat of digital disruption with the crude hierarchical management tools of the 20th Century will not work. Digital disruptors are managing their companies according to new management principles. Those companies that ignore those principles for too long are in danger of extinction.

Companies need to get smart and update their way of managing and organizing. They have to look outside business for their betterment, towards economics, cognitive and group psychology, sociology and even cultural anthropology. After all, technolology is getting smarter every day. and the bottleneck is often the human capacity.

Human potential is currently buried by the way we organize companies based on the submission of people. The overwhelming number of companies fail to use the inert, intrinsic drives of people. However, all the complexity created by the digital age will need more creative and engaged people at all levels of the organization. I think there is a sweet spot that allows companies and people to prosper together & more than ever before.

More Liberated companies are better for humans, they are better for companies, and they are an answer towards a sustainable future within the planetary limits.

If you are interested, join us in this journey!

Frank Thun

#Systems #Organization #PrincipledPragmatist

Frank is an economist by education and a manager by trade. He started out to explore businesses some decades ago and never stopped. Perplexed by the inability of businesses to transform themselves, he is on a mission.


Frank Pupkes

#Technology #Digital #People

Frank’s passion is all things digital. I have never seen a switch box the size that Frank has personally set-up to run his “smart home”. As a former CIO and Process Consultant he knows that the pains to get companies truely digital does not lie in technology, they lie in the problems modern work environments have to adapt to technology: The way people work together needs to change, if Digitalization to work its wonders.

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