Technology is here to help:

  • Apps for Self Managed Company
  • Agile Practices

Self-Management Apps

Maptio – an App for purposeful organizations (under construction)

Glassfrog – an App supporting Holacracy with its nested, overlapping teams and lots of floating roles. The incumbent app that is challenged by Holaspirit.

Holaspirit – an App supporting Self-Managed Organizations, not just those running under Holacracy.

Loomio – A decision making app for geographically distributed teams

Agile Apps

Perdoo: An App for running the management practice of Objective Key Results (OKR).

Mindmeister: A very good mind mapping app and a great alternative to the established market leader Mindjet.

Trello: The leading KANBAN app.

Effective Experiments: I think that it is quite astonishing that with all this talk about experimenting there are so few well-known apps that are specialized in supporting experimenting. Well, here is one. An add-in- to Trello

Jira: The leading collaborative Agile  Tracking app. A Swiss army knife not just for software companies.

Slack: “Email with a memory” or a “Cross-over of email, instant messaging and whiteboards.” Slack is probably the most important App for Agile teams there is to this date

Zoom: The non-plus ultra in Web COnferencing. Forget Skype or Webex.

Toogl: An App to track time. Sounds boring? What about if that one actually increases your personal productivity by helping you to limit interruptions to deep work. Timekeeping that actually works – or works better than any other approach I have seen so far.

Mentimeter: Anonimous, real-time voting or surveying via the smartphone. Great for making large meetings more interactive.