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Organizational Design- there is an APP for it.

Introducing workdesign.company – a platform for designing organizational operating systems for companies or teams. We think it is shocking how many people mindlessly adopt ways of managing that are undermining the engagement, intellect, moral integrity, happiness, and growth of coworkers – at their own and their organization’s detriment. To get more people to reflect and […]

Liberated Companies – The Book

I started writing this book in 2017 to explore how companies can truly “go digital”. As a former CIO I knew that technologies, however powerful they are, are fiendishly hard to get to work at their full potential. The more my thoughts matured, the more I realized that a company is to benefit from technology, […]

How to Liberate a Company

Suppose you have embraced the following three truths: To truly engage people, with all their capabilities you need to distribute power between people more equally  To truly utilize technology, with all the unique solutions it can provide, you need to unleash the creative problem-solving potential of people at all levels in an organization Psychological Safety, […]

A Beginners Guide to Liberated Companies

“Liberated Companies” is a new approach to organize companies or teams. Its unique perspective is to make the work designs- i.e., those structures, processes, and routines used to collaborate inside an organization- explicit and evolve them.  Every company uses work designs: Meetings, decision-making, task allocation, information and communication, performance management, project methods, and business processes. […]