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How to Transform IT into a Start-up?

The vibrancy of Startups. The relentless customer focus. The relentless adapting and testing of products for an ever better solution. Shouldn’t all IT departments be like this? What an exciting place to work in such an IT organization would be! What are the waypoints on the way to transform traditional IT Departments into Start-ups? Some […]

What are the 3 Essentials of Project Management?

Suppose you want to do something sizeable, which requires the collaboration of several people over a period of time.  Something like a Start-up, a software project, a process improvement or building a house. You will be creating something new. You get something from the status quo A to a new state B. You need to […]

33 Books on Digital Transformation

There are many sources about Digital Transformation of Businesses. But which one’s fit your needs? Those aimed at how to transform Operations or those how to create new Products? Those about Business or those aimed at an IT audience? Here is some advice where insights can be found for your information needs. Quadrant 1: Transformation of Operations Most Literature […]

Bring it on! The 2016+ Challenge

2016 was a very special year in so many aspects. Trump, Brexit, Terror, Wars & Refugee’s, the resurgence of authoritarian leaders, Zero Interest Economics, the beginning of the post-factual age etc. All these effects and causes contribute to high levels of uncertainty. Despite most economic and social indicators, pointing upwards with record low or reduced unemployment in […]

A 4 Step IT Manifesto – without the boring Bits

IT departments are boring. In the time of vibrant start-ups, who wants to work in a department that used to be called “Data Processing Department”?  IT departments are still organized more for data processing than for anything else. Despite the hype of IT as being “strategic” there are next to none IT Managers on the board […]

Hiring like a Pro: Lessons from Google

How would HR look like if bright engineers where to design it from scratch? Google scrutinized every conventional business wisdom and came up with  a data driven, tested and continuously improved new way to hire. Hiring is the most important management skill – by far Hiring is the key skill of a manager. There is consent on that in […]