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Force 5: Culture (continued): Xaomi, Spotify, Amazon and gov.uk

If Culture is the key to Digitalization, what examples are out there to learn from?  I have selected 5 companies for the sake of their diverse backgrounds and business models, their undoubted success and the fact that culture appears to be the centerpiece of their success. Xiamoi Xiamoi (“little Rice”) is the world’s 4th largest telecom manufacturer, […]

Force 5: Corporate Culture

This is going to be complex and abstract. Business people are not sociologists – but effective managers seeking a digital transformation need to understand the sociology of their business culture or be so focused on the singular topic to allow for digitilization to succeed. Corporate culture is the sum of all values, world views and […]

Force 4: New Work organization

Focus on the targets that really matter, speed, decisions taken under vast uncertainty, agility to try and fail fast until a breakthrough has been achieved, decisiveness and execution excellence – these are all requirements on the design of companies work organizations in the digital revolution. These qualities can’t be brought into existence by hierarchical command & control. They […]

Force 3: Big data

Data itself is useless. It is the act that follows the interpretation of data is important. This is nothing new and has nothing to do with the digital revolution. Individuals or companies that fail to use all data at their disposal are underachieving. Over the ages, people have always invented techniques to make data “actionable”. One prime example […]

Force 2: It’s the Customer, stupid!

Customer is king. And has been king ever since flint stone merchants competed for customers. Except for monopolistic market situations, the customer has always been in the centre of corporate moves. In the digital revolution the customer has neither been suddenly rediscovered nor was a successful entrepreneur in need of a reminder by business consultants promoting a new […]

What makes Digitalization different from “ordinary” business transformation?

Transformation is the art of changing something from status A to status B, given a significantly big scale of change. In an enterprise context single projects would not be seen as delivering “change” but not “transformation”,  but a group of interconnected projects bundled in a program would usually be expected to result in “transformation”. There […]

The sheer size of the digital revolution

Is Digitalization real? Of course IT is present everywhere in our daily lives, everywhere globally. But how big of a deal is it? Lets answer this by looking at market evaluations of still privately held tech start-ups compared to the old economy. Lets start with Uber, the ride sharing app. Uber has been worth about […]

Digitalization and Business Transformation: 21st Century key challenges

So much noise about the digital business revolution! Looking for the signal in all that noise? This blog tries to separate hyperbole from facts. Digitalization is creating a business environment of super competition. Conventional organizational models fail – established corporations can’t match the speed and therefore the success of their digital competitors. These days success depends […]