Central Concepts

A Liberated Company…

  • strives to put itself on the trajectory of technology
  • uses more self-managed and networked structures
  • is build around a central theme
  • evolves it’s work designs to create ever better versions of itself

A liberated company is conscious of it’s own work designs, the implications that these have on human behaviour, human growth, and economic results.

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The ease at which people can prosper alongside technology is all important for any modern organization.

The more technology inundates our lives, the more humans must be at the center of organisational design: They are the only ones that can make sense of its vast and ever increasing possibilities.


Sidestepping the issue won’t help. We need to find new mechanisms for sharing power to to make everyone in an organization more powerful – without distributing power so much that companies become indecisive and unfocused.

The crux in taking organisations “digital” or “agile” is to distribute power more equally between people.

Planetary Limits and Mindsets

Every organisational system produces its own type of mindset in the people subjected to it:

  • Hierarchies -> Exploit
  • (Self-Organised) Networks -> Consider

We can’t ignore the limits of our planet any more.Companies will need to adopt a model that favors the development of a more wholesome, mindful and humane mentality in all its people.


Somehow, society has sleep-walked from the industrial to the digital age believing that hierarchy is the only way to run companies.

Combining the Hierarchy and Self-Organization is impossible – until we realise it is not about realising any “end state” organisational structure: it is about the journey.

A Map of Work Designs

The Liberated Company Map displays about two-hundred work designs that both, conventional and progressive Organization’s use. It is a tool to configure the way companies do they work.

Which combination of work designs is best for your organization? This what Liberated.Company wants to answer.


Every organisation holds at least five central ideas about itself: Ideas about Technology, Performance, Ruling, Work and Life.

Five central ideas are imbued in any organisations DNA – any organization. It’s a much better to make these ideas explicit, than to keep them lingering unstated.


Companies are configurable. They are nothing but constellations of organisational elements that are pulled together by a (more or less) unifying theme. However, most companies fail to deliberately configure themselves

Especially now, in the digital age, companies need to configure their work designs – to address the Hand, the Head and the Heart of the people touched by them.