A Liberated Company…

  • strives to put itself on the trajectory of technology
  • uses more self-managed and networked structures
  • is build around a central theme
  • evolves it’s work designs to create ever better versions of itself

A liberated company is conscious of it’s own work designs, the implications that these have on human behaviour, human growth, and economic results.

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Liberated Companies

A Map and Compass To Better Organizations In The Digital Age

To be published before the end of this year.

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Technology and Power. We need to stop pretending that these two are unrelated. Digital transformation will never happen, if companies do not liberate themselves from the immense power differences between people. Today’s irrational power differences make them sclerotic an exploitative. They consistently fail upgrade themselves into ever better versions. No wonder that they can’t keep up with the pace of technology. This book shows a way to evolve companies into ever better versions of themselves.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Todays Inept Businesses
  • Part One: The Trajectory of Technology
  • Part Two: The Corrosive Impact of Power Differentials
  • Part Three: A Map for Organizing In The Digital World
  • Part Four: A Compass To Master Complexity
  • End: The Unfinished Business of Liberation

The Author: Frank Thun

I hold a masters degree in economics. My focus during my studies has been empirical organisational research. That focus never left me during my twenty-five year long career on the intersection between technology and business, as a Consultant and Chief Operating Officer. For the last three years, I enjoyed the luxury to focus exclusively on this passion, the result of all of this is “Liberated Companies”.