A Map of Work Designs

The Liberated Company Map displays about two-hundred work designs that both, conventional and progressive Organization’s use. It is a tool to configure the way companies do they work.

Which combination of work designs is best for your organization? This what Liberated.Company wants to answer.

Work designs are patterns of actions used to get things done by groups.

Every company uses work-designs. There is no way not to use them. The only question is: Are the Work Designs your company is using the right ones?

Work designs surround us. The way work is delegated, the way feedback is given, the way people are appraised or promoted, the way reports are presented, the way meetings are run, decisions are taken and even the way an office is physically set-up – all those and more are work designs.

There are numerous. This compendium contains about 200 of them. Yet, very few companies or teams actively configure the way they are doing business. 

Agile, Scrum, Lean, Holacracy, DevOps and many others are all great sources for work designs. A great thing about work designs is that they are portable “best practices” for human coordination which can be implanted in any organization. 

Yet, which combination of work designs is best for your organisation? This is what “Liberated.Company” wants to answer. 

In most companies, work designs are not the result of conscious design, but are often acquired by habit. Over time, work designs get the “way that things are done here”, a part of a company’s culture. So often, companies neglect to work on their own meta level, the way people work together, and work gets stale, static and repetitive.

Well, it might be time to stir things up a little.

The Liberated Company Map uses four elements to organise work designs:

  • Nine Main quadrants: A categorisation by the main purpose of the work design.
  • Four sub-quadrants per main quadrant: Each sub-quadrant is signifying how equally power is distributed between people. From level one “Authoritarian”, level two “Empowered”, level three “Supportive” to level four “Self-managed”.
  • The order in which the work designs are listed in each sub-quadrant signifies the “blast radius”, the severity of a work-design going astray and damaging the organization.

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