How to build a Software Company (and what has happened in 2020)

I did not post anything for about a year now. This changed today with the publication of How to Build a Software Company on Medium. This is a part of a series of articles by several authors trying to answer: How to build a technology company? Check it out!

What happened this year 2020 regarding Liberated.Company? A lot. And all of it kept me from writing blog articles. For one, we are busy communicating the concepts to some high profile clients in the technology and automotive industry. It feels incredibly good to see the thinking and methods of Liberated.Company taking roots in more and more people and and companies.

The other thing is that I am really busy writing a new Book, titled “Green Companies – an Organizational Green New Deal“. I felt the need to write this book already month before finishing Liberated Companies at the end of 2019. Picture it as an applied version of Liberated.Company on the topic of anchoring sustainability in companies – “Deep sustainability” if you will. For those who invest the time to immerse themselves in Liberated.Companies, it should be clear what an extremely powerful tool it can be to transform companies into much more performing versions of themselves – to upgrade their organisational DNA to the Digital Age.

Yet I came to the believe that the dawning age is not primarily a digital one: It is an environmental one, too. Im am convinced that the pace of environmental degradation of this planet will turn businesses from an introverted focus on financial performance towards a future of being useful in the rescue of this planet. Digital technology, Companies, and the way they organize themselves will have to play a central role in this fight, so I think. Think of it as the organizational weaponry of Liberated.Company turned on a larger goal, a larger purpose.

So I spend my time happily reading and writing. Just like many of you who think about the possibility of a deep connection between a for profit company and an environmental (non financial goal), I was very sceptical at the beginning. Yet, after a year of intense work, I think I found a way to connect these two disparate worlds – to anchor companies in a larger service, while remaining a for profit company. With the ever increasing visibility of the environmental collapse, more and more companies will aim to be Green companies – or they will be pushed to become Green Companies. Customers and the State won’t take this planets apocalypse lying down.

What is needed is a blueprint. A blueprint for a company who is truly “green”, not just greenwashed. That’s what Green Companies will be about. I expect the book to be available at the end of 2021.



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  1. Gerardo
    Gerardo says:

    Glad to hear from you again Frank. Hope you are well.

    I miss a lot your posts this year!

    Thank you for all your work! I enjoyed your book!

    Greetings and happy holidays


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