Liberated Companies – The Book

I started writing this book in 2017 to explore how companies can truly “go digital”. As a former CIO I knew that technologies, however powerful they are, are fiendishly hard to get to work at their full potential. The more my thoughts matured, the more I realized that a company is to benefit from technology, the more careful it must be setup to give people the space to work with, experiment with, and learn from people and technology alike.

After two years of writing, a lot of reading and some application in companies who cared to work with me on the subject, the book has finally arrived on Amazon.

You should read ‘Liberated Companies’ if…

  • You often despair about the mediocre ways of your company
  • You suspect that the workplace could be both, more challenging and more comforting to everyone in it
  • You have seen too many management fashions and appeals and seek changes that really make a difference

What you will learn from reading the book is…

  • Any organization can be described as a collection of about 20 to 50 Work Designs
  • Companies can use work designs to actively configure themselves in any way they choose, from ruthless executors to mindful innovators
  • Configuring companies with work designs in a development process, not an implementation

What awaits you is…

  • A novel way to think about technology as an entity with a trajectory on which companies can place themselves
  • A way to address, the profound, underlying challenges of changing power structures
  • A bunch of practicable methods, like the Liberation Scale, the Liberated Company Map and the 11 Principles of Liberated Companies

I wrote this book because I felt that there is something wrong with the way most companies are managed. At the same time, I felt that alternative recipes, such as more empowerment, participation, and self-Management, are very hard to put into practice. What I propose in this book is a way to set in motion more organizational dynamics that are useful to both those who prefer incremental action and those with revolutionary purpose.

Learn more on www.Liberated.Company or order at, (Germany) or any other Amazon Site- just search for “Liberated Companies” or my name “Frank Thun”. The printed version is available in most western countries, and the ebook is available worldwide.

Let me know what you think!

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