Organizational Design- there is an APP for it.

Introducing – a platform for designing organizational operating systems for companies or teams.

We think it is shocking how many people mindlessly adopt ways of managing that are undermining the engagement, intellect, moral integrity, happiness, and growth of coworkers – at their own and their organization’s detriment. To get more people to reflect and change their ways, we spend the last 12 months developing – a platform for evolutionary organizational design. Let me walk you through it.

First, let’s view some of the operating systems already in the database.

The Operating Systems

The database is driven by the users of Everyone is welcome to contribute new exciting organizational operating systems. If you like, profile your own company or team – if only you would know what exactly we think an organizational operating system is! Well, you can see that way we describe operating systems in the next screen, which we call the Configuration Map.

The Configuration Map

The configuration map is made of all the different ways people collaborate within a company. Each line on the map is such a way – we call it a “work design.” Seen that way, companies are nothing else than a collection of different workdesigns. If a company is successful in what it is doing, it could have something to do with a combination of work designs that work really well together. Therefore the configuration map is structured to reveal what we think is the most critical factor if combining work designs: The degree to which power is equally distributed between people. On level one, the authoritative company, it is unequal, and on level four, the self-managed company, power is very equally distributed. So each of the nine categories of management activity is subdivided into four quadrants. There is much more to say about the matrix, but let’s leave it here. Instead, let us look at the basic element of it all: The Workdesign.

There is a catalogue of 200+ Workdesigns on the platform. Each with its own unique description, from complex one such as “Circle Organization” to simple work hacks. We think its great on its own, as a repository of progressive and not so progressive methods of working together in any companies. However, we think it is more important to learn how to combine workdesigns, so that’s where we focus on. Workdesigns describe behaviours, and so does the configuration map. But there is more to an organisational operating system: The Organizational Culture, the mindsets that people hold. We call it: The Belief system.

The Belief System describes the shared mentality that underlies a companies culture. To do this, we use integral theory. This is why our color scheme is based on a red-yellow-orange-green-teal spectrum. Behaviors and Beliefs are the two critical elements of any companies operating system. What we tried to achieve on is, at its core, to bring some order into the complexity of companies. Enough order to allow you to recognize patterns, but not enough to define and quantify the complexity out of existence. To recognize patterns – that is exactly the job of the next two screens. First, the Profile.

The profile is reducing the complexity of the configuration map and the belief system into a number of tables and charts. It allows you to spot the rough outlines of a companies or teams operating system. The next screen does something very similar, only that is allows you to compare different operating systems of different companies with one another: The Compare Screen.

The Compare Screen displays a number of graphs that are useful to recognize patterns and get your thinking going. We will add a lot more visualizations for you, but at the moment those four must do. We will extend the number over time- development is ongoing.

Let’s end the tour here. Let’s summarize:

  • is a free, interactive platform for evolutionary organizational design
  • We like to show, that work can be organized so very much better
  • And we like you to join in our mission by adding profiles to the platform

For those who want to understand more, we have created the concise ad document: “How to Create Organization Profiles on” document.

We hope to see you at!


Feedback / Questions? Contact us via or get in touch with me via Twitter @frank_thun

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