What Liberated Company (and the aptly named book Liberated Companies) does is to provide a model that can be used to conceptionalize what is going in organizations. This model is deeply practical – down to the individual work practice design level. It is based on:

  • Key Elements – see top row
  • Main Influences – books that influences my thinking most
  • Influences – a selected list of non fiction books
  • Narratives – stories are sometime more enligthening and accessible as dry academic or business literature
  • Main underlying theories – the theories I deem essential for organizing in the digital age
  • A Category that provides order to the diverse sources
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These are just selected sources. A full list of all the books I have read and reviewed in the last years can be found in table below. Scroll left for a subjective review and rating.

Please note that this rating is measuring the impact the book had on my thinking at the time of reading – so it’s personal and proberly not too applicable to you. There is nearly always some good idea in every book. It always depends where you are coming from and what you are looking for, too. Nevertheless, I hope it provides some orientation.

Selected Blogs and Podcasts on Liberated Management

Over the years, these three sources have managed to held my attention consistently:

  • Corporate Rebels: A Dutch-based group of people who made it their mission to visit progressive organizations all around the globe and collect their stories into a bucket list.
  • Leadermorphosis: A podcast by Lisa Gill who interviews interesting guests. If you want to try one, try number 5, the one with Tom Nixon
  • Second Opinion on business practices: A podcast by Carol Sanford. Sanford is refreshingly brazen and contrarian on so many subjects.