There are so many sources on management and digitalization out there – so here is my take on the books I deem useful for anyone seeking light and direction. The ones that most influenced my thinking can be found on top of the list.



  • Grey Background: Essential Reads
  • Yellow Highlight: New Entries in 2018
  • Green Highlight: Books which I came to value more in 2018 – they took time to take root in my thoughts
  • Red Highlight: Books which I came to value less in 2018 – these are still very good books, though

Here is the full list of all sources accompanied by a rather subjective review.

The ratings I give are very rough. There is nearly always some good idea in every book. It always depends where you are coming from and what you are looking for, too.

Bloggers on Digital and Business Transformation

  • Dion Hinchcliffe: “On Digital Strategy: notes on the Internet and Business Convergence“: The co-author of two books titled “Web 2.0 Architectures” and “Social Business by Design”. Dion focuses on more on social media within Digital strategy.
  • Steve Blank: “Steve Blank Podcast“: A long time Silicon Valley shares his strong opinions about digitalization, entrepreneurship and the lean startup movement. I was particularly impressed by his post Why Tim Cook is Steve Balmer… But Steve moves beyond the enterprise sector and deploys his thinking on governmental, political and humanitarian crisis fields, too.

Bloggers on Liberated Management

  • Corporate Rebels: A Dutch-based group of people who made it their mission to visit Self-Managed Organizations all around the globe and collect their stories into a bucket list.
  • Tom Nixon:  Tom has a vision of Liberated Management is to build a “purposeful Organization”.  He practices what he preaches and blogs about it on Medium
  • Leadermorphosis: A podcast by Lisa Gill who interviews interesting guests. If you want to try one, try number 5, the one with Tom Nixon.


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