The Resources

An Introduction to Liberated Companies

Companies can be so much better: Better in using technology, better places for people and deliver a better service to society. Here is how.
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The Liberated Company Model

Liberated Companies is a model to think about companies, that aims to be accurate, holisitic
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The Compendium of Management Practices

Here is a list of Work hacks, Agile Work-outs or just ordinary management practices. There are

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Progressive Management Models

Here is an overview of main management models out there.

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The way of thinking about companies as “configuration of work designs” is based on a model which central terms are explained in

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Treasure Troves for Work Designs

Links to other great sources of work designs which have been considered in building the

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Apps for Liberated Companies

Technology is here to help:

  • Apps for Self Managed Company
  • Agile Practices

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Classic Management Stuff

Classic, hierarchical management is not dead. Liberated companies usually employ hierarchi

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Digital Business Stuff

BlogchainHub.Net: A source of info about all things “blockchain” – the technology that might re-democratize the Internet and

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