Here are some links for those aiming to dig deeper into all the things that make up facets of managing Liberated Companies.


The way of thinking about companies as “configuration of work designs” is based on a model which central terms are explained in this list.

Classic Management Stuff

Classic, hierarchical management is not dead. Liberated companies usually employ hierarchical management. There are only very few companies running pure Self-Management regimes. Most companies rely on a manager (at any level)  holding the space for some more decentralization of authority and some more local initiative to occur.

Digital Business Stuff

BlogchainHub.Net: A source of info about all things “blockchain” – the technology that might re-democratize the Internet and/or flatten hierarchies even more – in the future.

Object-Oriented Design: A architectural approach to Designing Software. Very technical stuff, but in the digital business, a lot of Techie Ideas fertile business thinking about organizations. Plus: There is an ever larger dependency between the structure of an organization and the architecture of a software. So as so often: Combining two formerly separate branches of research advances both areas immensely.

Meeting Practices

Meetings are the place where collective intelligence is harnessed. Here are a couple of great meeting structures.

Transparency Practices

Transparency helps people to understand better what is going on in a company, which helps to build trust, and my lead to better decisions. Transparency is like a fertile soil on which creative minds and purpose seekers can find rich nourishment.

Decision Practices

Making good decisions is more than an individual capability – it is a collective capability.

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