My expertise is Management in the Digital Age. I believe that organizations need to learn new, agile ways to collaborate. For this, the old way’s of managing have to be adapted to more liberal ideas, that enables organizations to make full use of humans brains and hearts.

This right front and center of today’s digital revolution. More than this or that Scum project, more than this or that Design Thinking workshop, more than rebuilding office spaces, more than setting up innovation centers or digital lighthouse projects: If Managers do not know how to liberate knowledge workers, they will fail.

During my career I

  • have founded a startup that managed B2B contracts in the cloud and helped to found a European logistics marketplace (European Logistics Exchange)
  • spend 15 years in helping global companies to transform their business as head of Capgemini’s Central European Centre of Excellence Distribution, Transport and Retail and 5 years as a COO for a European fashion retailer
  • got my first email address in 1989, did software development on my first PC in 1983 and started off my career in 1995 doing software development, even so, I had studied Economics at the University of Kiel and Glasgow

But this is just half the truth. It is nice to organize and manage organizations in an optimal fashion. But I found out over time, that it is even more rewarding to allow persons to grow into the best version of themselves.



  • Digital Transformation 
    • Using digital technologies to lift operational performance to a different level
    • Scaling Business Models fast, efficient and reliable
    • Transforming traditional, hierarchical business cultures into agile organizations
  • Coaching
    • Management in the Digital Age
    • Agile, “Liberated” Management Practices
    • How to turn yourself from into an Explorer, Gardner, and Coach
  • Project Management
    • Setting up & Scaling SCRUM teams
    • Help managing complex Projects or Programs
    • Coaching Project Manager’s
  • Business & IT Consulting 
    • Restructuring IT or Operations for Improved Performance
    • Efficient Ramp-up and Scaling
    • Strategic Advice & Positioning

My clients include major global companies and a couple of Start-ups.

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Certifed Scrum Master