Corona is Blitzkrieg. Fighting The Climate Catastrophe is a War of Attrition.

In a Blitzkrieg, you are trying to overwhelm the enemy’s command centers so that despite all the enemy’s power, he can never act quickly enough to apply his might where it matters. With Corona we are trying just that. Nations around the world are trying to contain the spread of the virus by taking on more and more draconian steps. At the same time, the Virus is trying to overwhelm us with its Blitzkrieg tactics as well. Allowed to grow exponentially, it will overwhelm the capacity of the medical system to save people’s lives.

The Corona War is Blitzkrieg, waged by one combattant that is nimble, decentralized and networked – the Virus – and a slower, more centralized human alliance of nations. Through draconian measures, it seems, the human alliance can win, as China has demonstrated. At least for the time being, China has contained the spread – although it might reignite at any time if the measures are not upheld until a vaccine is available.

It strikes me that one of the greatest things that might happen in this unprecedented, enormous health and economical crisis, is that communities and maybe even nations will come together and join forces to fight a deadly global threat. This might just be what is needed to kick-off an even larger fight, which humanity as a whole has been quite unwilling to pick to this date: The fight against the climate crisis -the fight for the survival of all life on this planet.

Fighting the Extinction Crisis is much larger, much longer, more indirect, much more tedious and much more frustrating than fighting Corona is and will be. Fighting the Climate Battle is a War of Attrition. Wars of Attrition can be won only by having and maintaining the willingness to sacrifice for the common good. By working for the cause, for the good of the next generations, without the outlook of immediate individual gains.

It Needs A Blitzkrieg to Fight Corona – it will take A War of Attrition to fight the climate Crisis.

If we can FINALLY START THE FIGHT against the END BOSS of human existence, we should all thank not the nasty Corona Virus, but the rekindling of human resolve, of the awakening of the fighting spirit of the human race.


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