Meeting Practices

Meetings are the place where collective intelligence is harnessed. Here are a couple of great meeting structures.


A multipurpose, engaging meeting structure that makes use of the multiple personal perspectives of team members and comes up with a shared view on the meeting subject. 124ALL is the “Swiss Army Knife” of Meeting structures. It can be combined with a lot of other meeting structures, for example, a vote on alternatives at the end of the meeting etc.

Role Keeper

Meetings are so often a drag. Despite good intentions, they often fail to produce results, to involve everyone, cost more time than planned, miss important aspects etc. Roles can help here. Roles entitle people in Meetings to speak up – not for themselves, but for their roles.


A meeting structure that enables participants to change perspectives on an issue – and thereby coming up with some truth and new ideas, which might have remained submerged.


A meeting technique, where A. the agenda is built on the fly by the participants themselves B. sessions are run by the participants themselves and C. people choose themselves which session to attend.