Treasure Troves for Work Designs

Links to other great sources of work designs which have been considered in building the Liberated Company Map and the List of Work Designs.

Liberating Structures: Another Site with great agile practices. There is a useful app for it, too.

Management 3.0 Resources: Easy to use, well-prepared exercises

Agile Practices Subway Map: A clickable subway map of Agile Practices provided by the Agile Alliance Organisation.

List of Agile Resources: A useful open table of Agile Resources for those willing to invest time in exploration.

Atlassian Team Playbook: Great agile work-outs from a great, liberated company that walks the talk and practices those agile things, that its products (e.g., Jira, Confluence, and Trello) support. Look at the “Plays” section for a list of some work-outs.

Atlassian Agile Coach: A guide to Agile development. Has some overlap with the “Playbook.”

Agile Best Practices by the European Agile consultancy wemanity:  e-book-IllustratedGuideofAgileBestPractices

Objective Key Results (OKR): A way to delegate, agree and track work. A good intro can be found is given by Dan North here. There is an app for it: Perdoo.

Business Model Canvas: A useful graphical format and method to capture the essence of a business model on one page. It is a commercial website, but basic templates are for download for free.

The Toyota Kata Web-site: A resource-rich Website on the KATA way of organizational learning and continual improvement. Maintained by Mike Rother, a real expert on the matter.

Play14: Games that allow people to change perspectives, bond and arrive at more creative solutions.

Gamestorming: Agile Games for all kind of team building purposes. Based on teh Book “Gamestorming”.

Kanban by Giulio Rogerro: An excellent Slideshare on how to work with KANBAN.