Links to other great sources of work designs which have been considered in building the Liberated Company Map and the List of Work Designs.

Liberating Structures: Another Site with great agile practices. There is a useful app for it, too.

Management 3.0 Resources: Easy to use, well-prepared exercises

Agile Practices Subway Map: A clickable subway map of Agile Practices provided by the Agile Alliance Organisation.

List of Agile Resources: A useful open table of Agile Resources for those willing to invest time in exploration.

Atlassian Team Playbook: Great agile work-outs from a great, liberated company that walks the talk and practices those agile things, that its products (e.g., Jira, Confluence, and Trello) support. Look at the “Plays” section for a list of some work-outs.

Atlassian Agile Coach: A guide to Agile development. Has some overlap with the “Playbook.”

Agile Best Practices by the European Agile consultancy wemanity:  e-book-IllustratedGuideofAgileBestPractices

Objective Key Results (OKR): A way to delegate, agree and track work. A good intro can be found is given by Dan North here. There is an app for it: Perdoo.

Business Model Canvas: A useful graphical format and method to capture the essence of a business model on one page. It is a commercial website, but basic templates are for download for free.

The Toyota Kata Web-site: A resource-rich Website on the KATA way of organizational learning and continual improvement. Maintained by Mike Rother, a real expert on the matter.

Play14: Games that allow people to change perspectives, bond and arrive at more creative solutions.

Gamestorming: Agile Games for all kind of team building purposes. Based on teh Book “Gamestorming”.

Kanban by Giulio Rogerro: An excellent Slideshare on how to work with KANBAN.